Introducing the all-new iCarPlayDongle X to play YouTube videos and more on your CarPlay display.

Add Wireless CarPlay to your car with iCarPlayDongle Pro


Add Wireless CarPlay capability to your existing wired-CarPlay car.

Steering wheel control

How It Works

Plug & Play

Simply connect iCarPlayDongle Pro or iCarPlayDongle Pro C into USB port where you usually connect your iPhone for wired-CarPlay.

Pair With iPhone

Pair with your iPhone's Bluetooth and then WiFi. The Bluetooth pairing of your iPhone with iCarPlayDongle Pro or iCarPlayDongle Pro C is only required for initial handshake of Wireless CarPlay.

Enjoy Wireless CarPlay

Your iPhone is now connected to your car's radio using Wireless CarPlay! Once paired and setup, Wireless CarPlay connection between your iPhone and iCarPlayDongle Pro or iCarPlayDongle Pro C should happen automatically every time you start your car.

Compatible Cars

For a full list of cars supported by iCarPlayDongle Pro, Pro C and X, check our compatibility page here.


iPhone & iOS Compatibility