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With iCarPlayDongle Pro, you can convert your car's existing wired-CarPlay setup into Wireless CarPlay without having to change the whole radio or head unit.

This will work only if your existing car has official stock wired-CarPlay capability and is listed in our supported and tested cars list

If your car is not mentioned in our list of supported cars, feel free to contact us at support@icarplaydongle.com and we will get back to you on the compatibility.


  • Adds Wireless CarPlay capability to a car which already has a built-in wired-CarPlay on stock radio/head unit without having to opt for a third-party one. To check whether your car model is supported, check our compatibility page here.
  • Also works with third-party wired-CarPlay radio/head units from Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine and more. To check whether your third-party head unit is supported, check our compatibility page here.
  • Supports steering while functionality as long as the car's stock radio and wired-CarPlay supports it.
  • Supports Hey Siri via car's built-in microphone.
  • Supports multi-screen sizes.
  • Supports all iPhone models above iPhone 5.
  • Supports CarPlay in iOS versions up to the latest iOS 14.

How It Works?:

  • Simply connect iCarPlayDongle Pro into USB port where you usually connect your iPhone for wired-CarPlay.
  • Once you do this, you should see "CarPlay" icon or logo on the screen in the same place where you see one for your wired-CarPlay.
  • Simply tap on it and then on your iPhone, go to Bluetooth section and search and pair with "". The Bluetooth pairing of your iPhone with iCarPlayDongle Pro is only required for initial handshake of Wireless CarPlay only.
  • Once paired, go to WiFi settings on your iPhone and connect to "".
  • Voila! Your iPhone is now connected to your car's radio using Wireless CarPlay!
  • Once paired and setup, Wireless CarPlay connection between your iPhone and iCarPlayDongle Pro should happen automatically every time you start your car without having to go into any settings on your iPhone or car radio.

What's In The Box?:

  • iCarPlayDongle Pro x1
  • User Manual x1